A stand-alone Telenet Hotspotsubscription costs 1€ (VAT incl.)

On request Telenet offers companies several subscription possibilities including interesting group conditions and attractive tariff formulas for Telecom or Fleet Managers.

Telenet Hotspot - subscription for Belgium and Luxembourg

Every Telenet customer with an internet-, Walk & Surf 20-, Walk & Surf 30-, Walk & Talk iPhone or all Walk & Connect subscription can use the Hotspots for free.

Starting 17/01/2011: When you subscribe to an internet product, you can gain free access to Telenet Hotspots.

Telenet retains the right to (1) terminate (temporarily) or charge for services when Telenet has reasons to believe that the data transfers via our service is excessively large (more than 2 gigabyte per month per user) or (2) to terminate the service if it is being used for criminal or illegal activities.